Thursday, 23 June 2011

Orla Frøsnapper design

- two years ago Peter Dodd contacted me to ask if I wanted to design his upcoming cgi feature Ora Frøsnapper.
Since its one of the classics of Danish children literature that if not every - but then at least a substantial amount of kids know in Denmark.
 .I then talked to one of the producers Erik Wilstrup over a cup of coffe..I was glad to say yes..
  This summer it have had its premier... and that came to be a lovely day.

The first set I show is the Blacksmith set. He is a pretty tall guy with BIG hands.. So when he stands behind his fence only he can look over it..and he is not a very nice guy, but i tried to make his garden a male paradise...fenced in, cosy cavelike place. The Ferguson is on request of Peter D...

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