Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Illusionist color script - BG keys End SQ

 this is close to be my favourite part of the color script/ BG keys I did... A bit gloomy but fun to do.. Again I got a lot of freedom from Sylvain Chomet. The first 3 pics are for the 3D generated sq, so they are not use directly in the film. Here I have explained how we did the work-split in BG dpt. And here there are examples of how the keys were used in the final bg's.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Deamon illustrations for book 02

some more spreads for the book written By Benni Bødker  I illustrated in august this year.

Mikisoq design - some old files.

and here are some Mikisoq designs that I did for Afilm in Copenhagen after my job as Art director on The Illusionist. Its a big shame this film never made it. It could have been a cool was fun to develop these environments.

Orla Frøsnapper circus

here are some uploads from the production design I did for Orla Frøsnapper. This time the circus. I have incl some very early drawings as well as the final artwork.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Demon 02

i just finished this easy-reader written by Benni Bødker...
here are a couple of spreads..

Demon 02

color script for Sandmänchen

This part is in the end of the film - the count down. I had Anne Hofmann's beautiful production design to base the colors and mood on. It was fun to do.

color script for Sandmänchen

jakob´s tree

on this set it was Jakobs tree hut that the three kids spend a lot time in to plan their moves. The drawings is all so some of the early ones in the process of finding the style. So I drew a lot. The interesting part was to keep the naive feel and still define volume.

Orla Frøsnapper design Jakob's Tree

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Orla Frøsnapper design - Blacksmith set

The line drawing was one of the initial design for the set.. It was a bit tricky to describe volume and still be true to Ole Lund Kirkegårds style of drawing... But I think we managed to meet him on the way..

Orla Frøsnapper design 02

Orla Frøsnapper design

- two years ago Peter Dodd contacted me to ask if I wanted to design his upcoming cgi feature Ora Frøsnapper.
Since its one of the classics of Danish children literature that if not every - but then at least a substantial amount of kids know in Denmark.
 .I then talked to one of the producers Erik Wilstrup over a cup of coffe..I was glad to say yes..
  This summer it have had its premier... and that came to be a lovely day.

The first set I show is the Blacksmith set. He is a pretty tall guy with BIG hands.. So when he stands behind his fence only he can look over it..and he is not a very nice guy, but i tried to make his garden a male paradise...fenced in, cosy cavelike place. The Ferguson is on request of Peter D...

Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Illusionist Poster

Sylvain Chomet "The Illusionist" color work - backgrounds

- in-between 2006 and 2008 I was so fortunate to work on Sylvain Chomet's “The Illusionist”. The first two month mostly BG painter- then as head of Art department with the responsibility to oversee the productions of BG's and layout- clean-up even though that was in good hands of Isobel Stenhouse and Bjørn Aschim ( he did the beautiful cityscape drawings you see through-out the film)
     When I came, they had been working for some time in making the animatic and was slowly starting the actual production of cleaning up the layouts. Evgeni Tomov had been working on the project on development and on the animatic, but had left before I came on board.... still he did circa the first third of the roughs for the animatic and Pierre-Henry Laporterie had taken over where he left. 
     The black/grey/white animatic worked as a blueprint for the film... I do hope that it will be included in the DVD release... one can say that the film was done twice first a rough drawn and posed black/grey/white film and then the color version that I worked on.
Bjørn had done some color work but I after a short time when I started doing the color-keys for the BG's I did it mostly from scratch keeping only little from what was done before....and was a dream job to do. First I had those great drawings to work from and then a handful of great artist to paint the BG's. Anne Hofmann whom I think did close to 100 and did some of my favourite BG's in the film, Bjørn Aschim - also a great painter, Marcin Lichowski, Julien Deman – did too few BG's since he worked on the character color together with Emma McCann that beside her job as character color head did a handful of BG's. Beside supervising the artists I painted as many BG's as I could manage. 
  I enjoyed staying in Edinburgh for those close to two years I did. And Im proud of have been part of that film. I got some good friends among them the assisting director Paul Dutton that wrote the Fiddler Pieces story...another great project.

More to come, stay tuned.. 

Sylvain Chomet "The Illusionist" color keys - Backgrounds

Sylvain Chomet "The Illusionist" color key's - backgrounds

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Das Sandmännchen - Abenteuer im Traumland art work

I was so lucky to part of this film directed by Sinem Sakaoglu and with beautiful production design by Anne Hofmann. In these pictures I was asked to design some interiors for the live-action part of the film. The kids bedroom and the living room. It takes place in a light tower so no corners. It was hard to live up to the stuff done for the puppet part of the film...but fun.
      People that have seen the film might recognize the Zeppelin lamp or the Moon-dogs...

Friday, 21 January 2011