Saturday, 25 February 2012

Season 2 Lego Ninjago design done together with Anne Hofmann

These sets were done together with Anne Hofmann
I sometimes started a set and she took over or the other way around. Frederic Bertrand and Robert Brandt were part of the design team as well.

We have just finished "season 3" were Anne and I shared the production designer tittle. 


Aanchir said...

Thanks so much for posting these! This artwork is beautiful and it's wonderful to see how often that beauty made it through to the final episodes.

I have one question about this. I am a member on a Ninjago wiki, and I was wondering if the names of some of these locations (specifically Wildwood Forest and Sea of Sand) are official names for those places from the episodes. It'd be really helpful to know this.

Again, thanks for posting these!

bjarne-h said...
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bjarne-h said...

thanks, you are welcome.

The titles were working titles in making the show.. So i donno if you can call that official.